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Designer Services

Designs to Fit Your Needs & Budget

Building a Custom Home?

As a professional home designer, I begin with a review of the preliminary blueprint.

  • Optimize functionality and work with your architect or home designer.
  • Coordinate design aspects in a specific order to stay on your construction timeline and to remain ahead of the builders needs.
  • As a designer I know the local builders and can offer some guidance as to builder selection.

Working on Existing Home?

All of my remodel projects are approached with the same care and quality as if we were building you a new custom home.

  • New Exterior designs. In making a house look new we consider new materials, colors, perhaps shutters, doors and trim.
  • New Interior designs are almost limitless in scope, look and feel.

Developing or Remodeling a Commercial Property?

Commercial property interior design requires an understanding of the psychological atmosphere that each space requires.

  • I optimize the image that my clients want to project.
  • With commercial properties my function is to help position my clients as players in their respective industries.
  • The value I provide is to help make a statement by visually projecting the most appealing environment in their industry.